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What are the top 5 naughty sex games to play with your partner? There are so many fun dirty sex games to try with your partner. You can choose a kiny game based on your fetishes and kinks, whether you're on an icebreaker first date or in a long-term relationship. Set ground rules and a safe word before starting, so that either of you can end the adult naughty game at any time for any reason.

You can masturbate next to each other! Whether you're engaging in sexy face time in person or turning up the heat during a long-distance FaceTime sesh, mutual masturbation can make for steamy foreplay. While it might seem like a no-brainer, masturbation with your partner is a lot more intense than doing it on your own.

It can be even hotter if you have a few rules in place. Whether it's eye contact or a safe word to use if you need to stop or slow down, this dirty sex game requires communication and trust.

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It's also a great idea to swap roles, stroke each other's shafts or massage each other's balls (try these tips for a good testicle rub). Kiss throughout and lend a hand, and you're headed to orgasm-inducing heaven in no time. This is an extreme version of adult naughty game!

Maybe squirt? Many women who have never experienced squirting or have only seen it in pornography think it's fake, but squirting is totally real and may even be more common than you think. While research into female ejaculation is lacking, it's been found that most people who have vulvas (including cis women and AFAB people) can squirt a small amount of fluid during orgasm.

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The fluid squirted can include traces of urine and glandular fluid, and it can feel pleasurable to release the liquid. But squirting doesn't necessarily mean an orgasm will be more dramatic. If you want to squirt, make sure you and your partner are well-aroused with lots of foreplay and use lubrication. Also, be sure to practice Kegel exercises to strengthen your muscles.

Try out blindfold kinky sex game! It is a great way to sharpen strategy, memory, spatial reasoning and more. Plus, it's super fun to watch another player messily try to write their name or tag while blindfolded.

Another classic sexy party naughty game that can be played with a large group or family. Players are given a rope and have to form a specific shape while blindfolded without using their hands. The first team to do it wins.

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Played in a dark room to increase the adrenaline factor and excitement. The person who is It tags people by touch and tries to find them in a less spacious, more restricted area. Great for building trust and teamwork. Try different objects like jello/custard, a rubber spider and more to make the experience even more intense.

In the episode Ancient History of BoJack Horseman, Todd presents Emily with Henry Fondle, a sex robot that he built for her in his apartment. He says that he was his first attempt at building a robot, and he made it in one afternoon. It has a blender head, a vacuum body, wheels, a Speak & Spell for a chest, and sticks for arms and hands with rubber gloves attached to them. He is programmed to say random sexy phrases, which Emily misinterprets as conversations and commands. The sex robot becomes the CEO of WhatTimeIsItRightNow and charms everyone at the company.

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